Another Zodiac Sign… Does it Really Matter???

Ok now I think I have heard it all and I have heard a lot in my life on this planet. I mean I understand that some people believe in this Zodiac crap and think that there fame and fortune is and has been mapped out by the stars and the way the planets align, but this is getting ridiculous. This is noting more than a way for people who have the ability to sucker other people in and tell them their fortune based upon the stars, planets and their astrological sign and make tons of cash off of it.

 A little while ago it was announced that due to the earths shift there would nee dot be the inclusion of a brand new zodiac sign. This zodiac sign would be know as Ophiuchus, which means nothing it was created by a man named Stephen Schmidt in 1970. That’s right the same 1970 where peace, free love and drugs ran rampant all of the United States giving rise to the hippie tree hugging movement. Am I shocked that this whole scam was created in the 1970s…nope not at all.

The movement and shift of the earth has been well documented for hundreds of years and going as far back as ancient roman and greek times when astrologers noticed it. So why is it important to release a new zodiac sign to the public today? Well my thought is that the psychic business and the whole fortune teller scams have hit a slump. Its has been recorded and studied that the belief in such junk has been on the down slide. So what better way to get the customers back in the door than to redo the entire zodiac table and release it onto the public who really doesn’t care in the first place. Yes I am fully aware that there are those who believe strongly in the Zodiac signs and their meanings, but hose are the people I worry about. Those people are the ones who mind can easily be molded by what a newspaper says or some make believe gypsy tells them is going to happen.

I just feel bad for all those people out there who got zodiac tattoos who now have to have them covered up because some nut cases decided to change the whole zodiac table around.

The main point I’m trying to make is don’t buy into all this zodiac junk, yes its fun to see what it says and yes some people can fid fun in going to a fortune teller. It’s almost like going to see a freak show in a way, its for pure entertainment. And that is all the zodiac and fortune teller junk is…entertainment. There are some people out there who do believe to much into rather than take risks and chances on their own in life with out experience new things. You can’t live your life that way, it makes you paranoid on a magnitude so high I don’t even want to know you. Get out there and enjoy life is all I am saying, but if you need and example of someone who believe strongly in the zodiac signs and fortune teller to make decisions juts look at Hitler he was very big into it.

Be safe and experience life,

Jon Bolton