Chain Letters/E-Mails/Texts… If You Don’t Read This 5 Times A Ghost Will Annoy You.

How many times have you received a text message, letter (back in the day when snail mail was still popular), or e-mail stating that if you did not send it to at least five people you would have bad luck? This is simply know as a chain letter,  and believe it or not they have been around since at least the 1930s from what I can research. The chain letter given credit for being the first was from Colorado and it was called the “Send-a-dime” letter.

 And keep in mind that this just isn’t in the US that chain letter exist, but they seem to pop up all over the world. The letter just takes on the culture of the country in which it originates such as Africa seems to mainly take on a religious connotation for their chain letters while the US seems to focus on money and supernatural things that may happen.

I know many a friend and family member, who have and still do buy into this junk. That is exactly what it is…junk. There is no scientific principle that can show that if a person does not send a chain letter on it will result in misfortune.

The picture shown below is one that was associated with a chain letter originating out of Texas. It was reported to be an actual photo of a ghost under the bed of a person who killed someone by accident because they didn’t send on the chain letter. Really??? Now what and why would you even joke about something like this, plus the act that some people thought this picture was real even confuses me more.


To me it seems like such a blatant posed/set-up photo and I will be any amount of money that it was in fact that.

 I guess when it comes down to it, it really matter about what you believe in. If you think sending the letter out fives, or brining a troll doll to a bingo hall or wearing a special pair of socks for the big game will bring you luck then go for it. However I would suggest against sending such letters as the one above to people. If you send it because you think you will die or incur the death of other people because you don’t send it then I suggest you et some help. You will not die or be punished by God for not forwarding on a bad letter, heck I’m willing to bet God will thank you for stopping it before it goes any further. The choice is yours, just make the right one.

Be safe and read this five times or you’ll grow horns,

Jon Bolton