Cloudbusters…I Ain’t Afraid of No Cloud.

Cloudbusters, sort of reminds of Ghostbusters on less cool in my eyes because the Ghostbusters have Ecto-1, you cannot mess with that car. Plus the Ghostbusters had such awesome equipment with their proton packs and meters and ghost traps such awesomeness. What type of equipment does a Cloudbuster have, a really big pin to pop them? I mean how many times have you been walking down the street or in the park and those pesky clouds just wont get out of your way or try and steal your wallet? Never? Really? Well I’m not shocked because I never had that happen to me either, in fact the only time clouds are a pain is when you’re flying and they create turbulence, man I hate flying.

 Cloudbusting, as odd as it sounds, was in fact a device invented by an Austrian psychoanalyst by the name of Wilhelm Reich. Why did he create such a device? Well simple, it was created so that it could drain the clouds of their orgone energy. Orgone energy is a universal life force, this energy controls everything in the universe and those deficient in orgone could develop such disease as cancer. And do you know who thought and came up with this? Why it was Wilhelm Reich the creator of the Cloudbuster, see how it all ties together and makes sense. I didn’t think so, because I am still confused over the whole orgone thing and I have been reading a number of papers and article about it.

However I fill focus on orgone energy at a later time and get back to the cloudbuster and how it worked in harness the power of orgone energy. It was one of the most simplest of machine next to the divining rob to find water under the earth. The cloubuster machine was simply constructed of a few hollow metal tubes fixed together in a row and had hoses running from the end of each pipe into water. It could be a pond, lake or even a barrel/bucket of water, but it just had to be in water. The water was considered to act like an orgone magnet and would draw the energy out of the clouds. This in turn would also be able to create rain, which would save all that time in seeding clouds and creating even more conspiracy theories about what they are putting into those clouds to make it rain.

Below I have included a picture of what one of these cloudbusters looked like. It almost looks like some sort of a demented pipe organ pointed at the sky.

Cloudbuster Machine
Cloudbuster Machine

Did it really make clouds explode in the sky or make them shrivel up to nothing? From my research I have found no account of what it really looked like when in operation.

Am I saying that this is a far fetched idea…yes I am. I am saying the whole aspect of orgone energy and the assumption it is the form of universal life is a far fetched idea. Now on some farms and you can even see this on a Dirty Jobs episode of a peach farm where they use air cannons in order to control the environment (ie clouds) and I have come to find out they use this on other farms as well. There is some science to the aspect of using air cannons in order to control the weather and the aspect of cloud seeding has been going on for years. However this machine really did nothing but point at the clouds with tubes and hoses running into the water.

While he may have been in fact a brilliant man and a out side the box thinker, I would classify this as a machine with no real purpose. If you want to, you can create the whole thing yourself from supplies you can find at Lowes or Home depot for less than $100, I know because I have looked. So if you feel bored then build one yourself and try busting some clouds.

Be safe and watch out for those pesky clouds,

Jon Bolton