Ghost Equipment…Adapt, Improvise & Overcome

Adapt, Improvise & Overcome is a motto generally assigned to the United States Marine Corp and they are by far the best at living up to this motto. They have accepted this motto because they generally aren’t given the funding as the other three braches and seem to get the hand-me-downs of weaponry and technology yet they use it better than the original armed force it was intended for. They are the masters of adaptation, improvisation and the ability to overcome any and all that is placed in front of them. Now by no means am I about to put Ghost Hunting and the outstanding US Marine corps in the same category, but I merely wanted you to know the origin and reason behind such a motto. Now onto why I used it to discuss Ghost Hunting and the equipment they (we) use for paranormal investigations.

In the realm of Ghost Hunting there is no equipment truly designed to catching, finding or discovering ghostly apparitions. All equipment is based off of loose understanding of what a paranormal entity is supposed to be. We use such equipment as K2, EMF, Digital Recorder or even FLIR Cameras to help us find those which we consider to create paranormal events. My question is why and how did we get to this point? I have talked with many a ghost hunter and have even e-mail some of the more popular TV shows about getting answers to some of the most basic of questions. The responses to these questions however are always the same or no response back from the e-mails. The responses are that this is how it is yet when I ask for more in depth to see if they know the reasoning why it’s because they have bought into the TV shows and their methodology.

I have been and continue to do research into the paranormal and find out answers to the basic of questions that nobody really knows why. I will try experiments to prove or disprove something…that’s what science is all about. Do ghosts really emit energy and draw energy out of the air to manifest? Why do ghost that appear as warm on a FLIR always leave cold spots which should register as dark colors? How do we know that digital recorders are truly reliable in capturing EVP when it could be something else? How do we conclude something is paranormal when it could be a simple environmental anomaly? These are the questions that I have no found a good answer on from anyone including those on the TV shows that I have had the privilege of talking with.

Now I am by no means a saint in this category as I have a number of pelican cases full of different types of equipment for experiments. I have bought some that was said to be built just for ghost hunting, but really is it? We are taking everyday equipment used for logical purposes and attempting to use it for something nobody understands. The paranormal can be a science as long as people treat it as such, don’t be so willing to give into the modern trend of what TV shows tell you. If you have a doubt, then experiment it until there is nothing left, but true evidence. Think outside of the box and research because it may be something very simple that you’re missing.

Be safe and try coloring outside the lines for once,

Jon Bolton