The “Darkness”

I’m sure you’re asking at this point what is the “Darkness”? Well simply put it is what I call collectively a mood (depression, fear, sadness, anxiety, etc.) that comes with no warning and with no seemingly outside influences, as in like losing a loved one or being dumped.  I belief the “Darkness” is really caused by either a demon, spirit(s), picking up on another’s emotional state (maybe they are projecting subconsciously)  or a other worldly entity. Sometimes they may want to convey their own feelings or something about their death or possibly because they just want you to feel that way. Hey, No one said all spirits/entities like people are all good… But that is life I guess.

                And now that you know what the “Darkness” is, I’m sure you’re asking ‘ok, why do I believe that?’ Good question. I myself have had my bouts of dark periods, some because of life issues like relationships lost loved ones, etc.   But I feel there is a difference between the “Darkness” and dark periods of life.  I believe the dark periods help open a door in our lives for the “Darkness” to come in and take hold in some cases with disastrous results. Think about this for a moment, you are at  your lowest point in life and something that feeds or uses negative energy (Feelings or emotions) as power, will feed off that and in most cases unless the cord is cut will continue to feed, until there is nothing left to feed off of, an energy vampire if you will.

                So how do I separate the two, dark periods & the “Darkness”? I reflect on my inner self and the life I’m leading.  I suppose for some that would lead to a higher belief in things – God, Spirits, maybe religion in general, but something bigger than just you or me, or maybe nothing at all.  If you can honestly look at your life and see no issues, I mean HONESTLY – NO HOLDING BACK, and then you can easily see that maybe just maybe something, someone is trying to contact you. Tell you something, maybe they need help, maybe they want to help you, sometimes to just use you, but in the end it’s your life take control of it!

This idea isn’t meant to scare or to force a view point, just make you think.  That’s what I am I thinker, as I’ve been reminded of by my dear Chris time and time again. I encourage everyone when they are in a dark period or the “Darkness” to get help, talk to a friend or whomever you’re comfortable with to get help, feed the positive in your life – Leading a positive life, will keep the negatives away more often the not.  The “Darkness” will never go away, but at least we all can work to bring light into it….