Silent Time Traveler… Can You Hear Me Now???

There has been a video creating a rather unique buzz and has been reported on by a number of highly respected news shows such as BBC, CNN & MSNBC. Now some of you may have heard about or even seen the video for yourself. If you haven’t yet seen it then just go to YouTube and time in silent time traveler. It is a video lip from a Charlie Chaplin film called The Circus. At one point of the film is shows a woman dressed all I black with what appears to be a cell phone in her hand and she is talking in it. Now I know for those of you who have not connected the dots yet that you are asking yourself so what if she is on a cell phone in this movie clip. Well this film is fro 1928 and from my research as well a the common sense part of people cell phones had yet to be invented yet.

 That’s right something that appears to be a woman dressed in black is talking on a cell phone in a 1928 movie. Can this even be possible? Is this woman a time traveler and she is talking with someone in the future on her phone? This movie clip has created such a buzz over the internet and main stream media and only helps to further the stories of conspiracy theorists everywhere. The media presents it as a curiosity to not be read into, but rather something to give to something to talk about around the water cooler. However there are those that claim this is a blatant show of time travel and/or alien technology. I can see how you can come up with the time travel thing, but alien technology is a bit stretching it don’t you think?

This clip was originally found by George Clark who first posted it on the internet after to seeing it in the extras of a Charlie Chaplain box set. Now I have also come to find out that Mr. George Clark is a Belfast film-maker. Could he be trying to get some sort of publicity and recognition in film-making by posting something outrageous? My vote would be yes, while I do not know Mr. Clark I could easily see such a thing done by a film-maker. It’s not like the film industry doesn’t pull things like this all the time for publicity. Also, how is it that nobody else who own this box set have seen it and come forward about it?

Now for the pure fun of it let’s just say that this woman I in fact a time traveler and she is talking on a cell phone. First off how would cell phone reception work? There are no towers to broadcast an collect signals or does that mean it is a special type of time travel phone that can be used to connect with those in the future? Also how could this woman not know what was going on, I mean as a time traveler wouldn’t you want to keep a low profile so as not to disrupt the time frame in which you are visiting?

While it is a very thought provoking piece of footage I would have to say it’s not a time traveler and could possibly be a woman not wanting to show her face on film. It could also be a woman hiding her face from the sun or even she could be using a device called a portable ear trumpet which helps people who are hard of hearing. I wouldn’t read to much into this as there are much more important things to worry about in this world. Just have fun with this clip and laugh it off.

Be safe and reception in the past is horrible,

Jon Bolton