Nazi Alien Technology…Indiana Jones Would’ve Been Screwed.

That’s right you read correctly, Nazi Alien Technology, it isn’t a typo and for those of you who follow/study/research aliens, the occult and Nazis this really shouldn’t be all that surprising to you. However for the rest of you who don’t know about such a topic, may I introduce to you that the Nazis of World War 2 were in fact studying alien technology while trying to create some of their own. The Nazi regime was in fact created out of the occult and it’s entire symbolism was that of dark occult and religious connotation. Hitler was know to be heavily influenced and connected with the occult and so were his main staff of generals as leaders as well.

 With this they also believe strongly in the life of the universe mainly that of aliens and UFOs. Some people strongly believe that the Nazis had in fact acquired alien technology and were able to back engineer it while creating there own alien style technology. If these stories are in fact true then they must not have either perfected it or had the time to utilize the technology due to the end of the war and defeat of Germany. Whatever the reasoning behind it, there are two main stories connect with the Nazi UFO program as it were.

The first story is that of the Haunebu which the name for the Nazi UFO program became. Now the program did in fact exist and was based upon their V-7 program which was to create circular flying saucers for military purposes. The question about the existence of the program is not what is debated, but rather where they got the idea and the technology to create such a flying disc. Now the idea and stories of flying sauces in the sky carrying alien life forms have been around, if you ask some, since the biblical era. If want to really get into it, it is said that there is a story I the bible describing UFOs and aliens, that will be for another time however. The idea for flying saucers did not exclusively exist in Nazi Germany, but around the same time American flight engineers were looking at the same style of flight. Did the Americans get their idea from alien technology? Some will say yes, I say no; my reason being is that hover technology and an enclosed propulsion system has always been a dream for aircraft designers as far back as Leonardo Davinci.

The second story is a big more UFO technology than that of its counter part story. This story tells of a bell like ship called Die Glocke considered to be the biggest and greatest weapon of mass destruction ever created. This is a story completely surrounded in mystery and intrigue as it was loosely discovered from some Nazi classified papers supposedly. Has there ever been concrete evidence of the existence of Die Glocke? No there is nothing concrete of its existence and there never will be. Could such a bell shaped flying device exist? Sure I believe that the Nazis were I fact working on some sort of bell shaped flying machine, there is no reason to think otherwise as they were always creating. Yet I find it hard to believe it was based off of capture alien technology and had the ability to go into space and be the greatest super weapon of all time. The Nazis were known to destroy any and all evidence supporting their experiments and treatment of people. So am I shocked that no documentation about a top secret military project has never been unearthed not at all and neither should you.

The Nazis had a number of things going on and when you see their conquests in the Indiana Jones series with them trying to acquire biblical relics that would make them powerful, don’t be shocked because its based off of fact. Hitler believed very strongly in the power of relics and artifacts to the point he based his life and leadership around them. To go as far as to think they tried to create alien technology is not a stretch, but to think they acquired it through captured aliens is very difficult for me to believe.

Be safe and keep your eye on the sky,

Jon Bolton