Paranormal Q&A with Chris Smith

Christina Smith

Who are you?
Chris Smith, SRI member and tour Guide of Ghostly Images in Gettysburg, PA as well as a consultant for Midnight Watchmen.

Explain your Methodology?
I follow my gut instincts and use my given gifts to find evidence of the paranormal.

Favorite Haunts?
My home is an old farm house that has constant activity.

Personal Experiences?
I’ve had too many to tell and definitely can’t pick a favorite.

Why did you get into paranormal?
I grew up in Gettysburg so I have always been into the paranormal.  And being who and what I am it’s hard not to be.

What’s Next?
Dealing with the paranormal you never know.

Dream Case/Investigation?
Is there any case that isn’t a dream case? Too many to narrow down to just a few.

Do you think that paranormal shows gives groups like you a bad reputation?
To a certain extent they make people believe that whenever and wherever you go that is supposedly haunted you will get what you came for.  There are many times I go out and get nothing.  They make it seem so easy and it’s not.

Tell us a strange but true fact about you?
I am not technology savvy, or in other wards I hate technology.

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

Definitely a believer, I’ve had too much happen not to believe.