The Bottomless Pit… and I’m Not Talking About Adam Richman’s Stomach.

The bottomless pit has been a thing of mystery and curiosity for hundreds of years. Could such a pit exist? Of course if one does exists, where? The air of mystery that could surround a hole that seemingly was endless is beyond compare, especially to some people. There are a few stories floating out there in the world that may be reality or just fanciful legend. I guess it really depends what you want to believe.

The first story comes from Russia and it was called the “Well to Hell”. It was a hole that was drilled so deep that it broke through to the underworld of Hell itself. It is said that a nine mile deep hole was dug and then broke through to an extremely hot cavity of the earth. A heat resistant microphone was lowered down into this cavity of the earth and they could hear the flames and screams of those people being eternally torture for the horrible acts they had committed while living. Is this true? Is there such a deep hole in Russia? Is it that extremely hot? Are the screams of the dammed heard?

Well believe it or not some of this story is true, in fact Russia has a deep hole about nine miles located in the Kola Peninsula and not Siberia as the story would have us believe. The hole is in fact nearly eight miles deep and the temperatures have reached 360 degrees Fahrenheit which makes drilling any further extremely expensive. Now time for the screams of the damned part of this story, when drilling they did happen to stumble upon geological anomalies but there were definitely no screams if the damned recorded. So a simple story of great engineering in the aspect of drilling a hole was taken to a legend of supernatural lore.

On a side note leave it to the Christians to take something of legend without properly verifying credentials as proof that Hell exists. Heck it went even as far as to add to the story that a winged bat like creature emerged from the hole and blazed a fire trail across the sky. Now I am a Christian, but even I get annoyed at the blatant disregard for reality that so many seem to have. Plus it was reported by TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) as real and factual, great journalism there bible thumpers.

 The next story of a bottomless pit is that of Mel’s Hole located somewhere in Washington state. Now I say somewhere because nobody knows for sure where it is except a man named Mel Waters who may not even exist too. This hole is supposedly deeper than 28 miles and has a diameter of 9 feet. An investigation into the legend and the man by a local news agency came up with that Mel Waters wasn’t listed to live where he said he did in fact they couldn’t find a record of him in general. Plus the location is no where to be found and identified except by this supposed Mel Waters, so the whole thing may just be a urban legend without any type of facts behind it to twist into lore.

 The fascination with the bottomless pits have even reached the Simpson’s with Ozzie Smith falling into one during a softball tournament episode. If we look at the fact s of drilling and holes into the earth we can see how these are mere legends of lore and nothing more than that. Physically nothing in this world is limitless, numbers are limitless but not physical matter. If you were to dig a hole through the earth you would just come out the other side, if it were possible. The amount of money and high tech equipment needed to accomplish such a feet would be so spectacular nobody in their right mind would take on such a business venture. Then you would have to go through the center of the earth which is made up of gases and magma so hot and toxic it would kill a person instantly. Don’t believe me? Go jump into a volcano and see how you survive, if you make it out alive I’ll take my statement back because otherwise I’m laying a wreath at your funeral that said I told you so.

Fact of the matter is this, there is no such thing as a bottomless pit. If you want to get science fiction on me and say it’s some sort of a vortex or worm hole then I’m glad to listen to you. Yet may I remind you that even a worm hole has a beginning and a end just as vortex does; that is if we go by basic principal and understanding of said manifestations.

Be safe and watch that last step…it’s a doozy,

Jon Bolton