The Fountain of Youth… Botox is Not the Answer

The Fountain of Youth, the elixir of life and the bringer of immortality is the conquest and of so many people from the past to the present and I’m sure the future as well. Some many people have tried to stay or become youthful by means of botox, liposuction and diet to the point of starvation. They conduct botox parties that helps to remove wrinkles and there are some laser methods to help in the reduction of fat. Almost everyone seems to want to be eternally youthful, well ho doesn’t? You hurt less, move faster and in some cases look better. Yet there are those people who have trekked across the globe in search of the fabled Fountain of Youth.

The fountain of youth is said to be just as it states, a fountain with water pouring from the ground that grants eternal youth and immortality. Those two traits alone have caused many explorers to waste vast amounts of time, money and energy upon the conquest to find such a spring of life.

The fountain of youth is most notably connected with the great explorer Ponce de Leon, who happened to be the first governor of Puerto Rico. The story goes that Ponce de Leon was searching for the elusive fountain of youth in 1513 and believed its location to be in Florida. To this very day there are people who conduct exploration of Florida I hopes of finding such a spring emitting life water. The origin of the story itself is not exactly known, but it is closely associated with the tribes of people located within the Caribbean at the time, whish is where Pone de Leon is said to have heard the legend.

Why is Florida the location for the legend of the fountain of youth? Well this is where Ponce de Leon first landed when exploring the Americas. How the legend of the fountain of youth became associated with Ponce de Leon is a mystery though. There are no records of him actually taking an expedition to find the spring of life in any of his writings. The only thing that could be loosely tied to the story I that it was said Pone de Leon was looking for the healing waters of Bimini in order to cure his impotence, well if that’s not a good reason to find the fountain of life I don’t know what is. So when Ponce de Leon landed in Florida it must have been because he though the healing life water was in fact there and not in Bimini, it’s a stretch I know.

Bimini is said to b the real location of the healing waters of life yet there still is no exact location and no one to this day has found said waters. Of course if you found it would you want the world to know about it? The fountain of youth in my eyes is simply a story/legend because of people’s own fixation with wanting to be eternally youthful and never wanting to face ones own mortality. These are people who don’t want to experience life to its fullest, but rather hold on to the past and glory days of their youth. Just remember you can never go back so make the most of it now.

Be safe and explore life not legends,

Jon Bolton