Paranormal Q&A with Midnight Watchmen Founder Cedric

Who are you?

I am the Founder and lead Investigator of the Midnight Watchmen, a Bucks County Paranormal Investigation group.  We believe in helping people understand and cope with paranormal phenomena.

Explain your Methodology?

I use common sense approach to investigations of paranormal claims. I tend to focus on the science end of claims to have definitive proof, but there is no substitution for gut instinct either.

Favorite Haunts?

I’ve been to a lot of historic and interesting places, my two favorites would have to be Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia and the Soldier’s Museum/Orphanage in Gettysburg, PA.

Personal Experiences

Had what appeared to be a bottle cap moved/thrown/flicked in front of me at the Black Bass Hotel in Lambertville, PA.  And while on vacation in Gettysburg watched the porch gate close by itself at the Jennie Wade House & Museum, it’s weighted to stay open or shut!

Why did you get into paranormal?

Always had an interest in the unknown, but when you see things as a child you can’t explain it fuels your fire to ask what was that?

What’s Next?

We are working on our own web TV show & a fundraiser for the group/local charities.

Dream Case/Investigation?

Be interesting to see what a Stonehenge Investigation would yield, mostly because to best of my knowledge its never been done.

Do you think that paranormal shows give groups a bad reputation?

I think at times, every show has had the moment where I’m watching it and I say “WTF why did u do that and not…. ” At this point I don’t not believe there is a show on that gets the balance between reality TV and actual investigation right.

Name some Random Facts about you?

I’m the web designer for & a writer. Big Kevin Smith Fan & of Stargate.

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

Both. I believe in paranormal things, but at the same time I want to have the proof in hand to show people – Hard Evidence.