The Tunguska Event…Say That Five Times Fast

 The Tunguska event is not known by many people except for some of those die hard people who love to research the weird and unexplained…yep I would be one of those people. Now some people have heard mention of a giant explosion that had happened in Russia, but nine times out of ten when you hear that you think of the great Chernobyl Incident that happened with the metl down of their nuclear facility. However there is that 1% who will think of the event that damn near shock half of the entire world. They may not remember the name and they may not remember all the details, but they will remember that their was an explosion of awesome magnitude.

 The Tunguska event/explosion occurred on June 30 around 7:15 AM near the Tunguska River located in Russia in 1908. The explosion was said to be caused by a meteor or comet that had exploded above the earths surface by somethin they call an air burts. And air burst is simply what it says, it is when something explodes or is exploded in the air rather than the surface. This was believed to happed approximately 3 miles above the earths surface and centralizing in Russia.

The explosion caused significant damage to the area such as entire forests being knocked over and uprooted and was said to harness the power between 5-30 megatons of TNT. If you want a better guage it would be considered to be 1000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War 2. That right there is some serious power for a simple air blast 3miles above the earths surface.  Can you imagine what that would have done had it hit the earth’s surface? Can anyone say, reason the dinosaurs became extinct? See, I knew you could. It is said to be the largest “impact” over land in recorded history.

Now even though scientists are 99.9% sure that is was the airburst from a meteor or comet, because they have a number of mineral deposists that easily suggest such an event, there are those 1% of people who feel differently. There are some who say it was antimatter that collided with the earth there are even those who say it was caused by Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower, me personnaly I would love for this one to be true. I will talk about Mr. Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower at a later date however, mainlt because Im a huge fan of Tesla.

Then there are those who consider this to be one of the greatest UFO encounters of all time. They are even going as far to say that this is Russia’s version of the infamous Roswell UFO conspiracy/cover-up. Some would belive that this was either an alien weapon being fired at the earth or the explosion of an alien aircraft. Either way they feel that not does Russia know the truth, but that the United States helped cover it up and really took control of the situation because Russia didn’t know how to handle it. Isn’t that always the case, if it’s sneaky and cloak and dagger we call upon the US to show and teach the rest of the world how to do it…the right way.

Be safe and I recommend wearing a hard hat,

Jon Bolton