What the Hell Was That?!?!

Lately I have been studying and working psychic development. Some of these concepts are difficult to grasp but others come so naturally they seem to be “pre-programed” within me.

With all of this “discovery of self” comes some unexpected surprises as well. You hear about people who say they hear things or see things and the first thought that comes to your mind is that they are crazy. Well… get out the straight jacket because I am joining their ranks. I don’t understand it, and it is definitely strange, but I have started to see and hear things that no one else does.

The little black fly… It’s the only way I know how to describe it, has now been seen at 3 different times. First at a drum healing I attended. As they were working on me just above my head I saw what I could only describe as a little black fly buzzing around above me. I just blew it off… never gave it another thought as wrote it off as… a fly. The second sighting was while I was sitting with my ex-husband in the ER. We were sitting there talking and the fly came buzzing into the room as fast as it could, the typical spastic way flies buzz about. It flew right between me and my ex, so closely that I had to jump back because I thought it was going to fly into my face. My ex asked me what that was all about, I told him I thought that fly was going to fly right into me.

He asked, “What fly?”

I looked around the room but saw nothing. I just shook it off and we began talking again… a few minutes later the “fly” came back through from the opposite direction, again, I jumped back.

My ex asked, “What was that about?”

I responded by saying, “You can’t tell me you didn’t see that!”

He simply responded, “See what?”

I was a little frustrated at this point and said to him, “Quit F-ing with me, you had to have seen it!”

“I swear to you, there was nothing there.”

Yes, it’s days like this that will make you feel like you are loosing your mind!

The third time the “fly” appeared I was taking a Fire Alchemy class. Sitting in my chair and out of nowhere here comes the fly again. I just about fell out of my chair trying to avoid it! The lady who organized the class just looked at me and laughed. I told her I was getting dive bombed.

She simply said, “It happens.”

Thank God for people who understand metaphysical things!

The hearing things will really drive you crazy too! Sitting at work the other week working on the computer I heard someone call to me, “Hey Becki.” The first time someone calls your name you generally don’t hear it if you are not paying attention, that’s how this one was. The second time I turned around and looked back… No one was looking like they had called my name. Then I heard it again, and again, and again… right in a row. No one was calling me within the office though! I just whispered, “Not now.” And that was the end of it. This was not like a voice in your head kind of thing… this was an audible voice for me. It was very strange!

So… I have no idea what any of this means. Cedric and Cannon are probably getting the straight jacket ready as we speak. My guess is this is either the beginning proof that I am developing my abilities or… I truly am on the verge of a mental break down. Only time will tell…

Bekah Liz