Paranormal Q&A with Brandy Williams

Brandy Williams

Who are you?

Brandy Williams: The International Museum of Spiritual Investigations (ISMI) is non-profit organization that aims to educate, preserve, and facilitate spiritual investigations history, methodology, and evidence and present this to the public in a positive, supportive and non-judgmental manner.

Explain Your Methodology?

BW: We offer a knowledgeable staff, engaging exhibits, educational classes and introductory investigations. Through these offerings, the IMSI enhances the knowledge of the individual, the investigative skills of the community and economic vitality of our region.

Favorite Haunts?

BW: Various historic Inns in and around Gettysburg, most were here at the time of the Civil War and used as hospitals. They always make for an interesting investigation.

Personal Experiences?

BW: Where do we even begin? LOL. I myself (Brandy) have had my hair played with, been touched, had my name called and even had my butt grabbed, just to name a few.

Why was the group formed?

BW: Groups come and go all the time and then what happens to the evidence? We are here to preserve this evidence and to educate the public about what we do and even that life does continue after death.

What’s Next?

BW: What isn’t next? Onward and upward!

Strongest Evidence?

BW: During an investigation we worked with a trusted psychic medium who was crossing people over in one room. I was in another room down the hall and saw a shadow at that moment scoot along the wall, our laser grid lost battery life and our video camera went out of focus. Meanwhile the basement team who had no idea what was going on lost battery power in their cameras and flashlights and our data logger recorded strong spikes of energy all at the same time. We also did an investigation in which we did a flashlight test and told the spirit to turn on the flash light which he did! View the video here:

What is the most asked question by people?

BW: What is this place?

Dream Case/Investigation?

BW: We would love to go overseas and investigate the castles of Europe.

Do you think the paranormal shows give groups like yours a bad reputation?

BW: I don’t think paranormal shows give us a bad reputation. Only we can be responsible for giving us a bad reputation. I get many people who come in and ask if the shows are accurate. While we may not always agree with what is televised it does open the door for investigations and education.

Tell us a strange but true fact about your group?

BW: We are the only investigation group that is attached to a museum.

Brandy Williams is one of the Head Investigator of IMSI Gettysburg and they can be found on the web at: