Who ya gonna call???… Thomas Edison of Course.

Ladies and gentleman step right and I’ll tell you the tale of a man. A man who created the wizard of Menlo Park, a man who create the light bulb, a man who held over 1,093 patents…a man who could give Dr. Ray Stanz and Egon Spengler a run for their money. That’s right folks I am talking about the one and only ghost hunter/buster himself…Mr. Thomas Edison (and the crowd goes wild).

That’s right, the man who gave us the electric light bulb and motion picture camera, the man who was one of the top inventors of the world was actually dabbling in the world of ghost hunting. Now it wasn’t like the ghost hunting we know of today with the fancy equipment such as EMF detectors, Ovilus, electric voice recorders or FLIR cameras but he was working on a device that would be able to let us, the living, communicate to the dead.

Not many people are aware of this because of their distaste for ghost hunting in the aspect of overly dramatized supposedly real tv shows or they just think is creepy. However Edison was a man always looking to the next thing and that happened to be the Ghost Machine. Now the evidence of such a machine created by Edison to have actually existed is a bit of a mystery as there were no plans or actually machine ever found. Just the faint words of a man, a great man, spoken in an interview to the October 1920 issue of  The American Magazine, “I have been at work for some time building an apparatus to see if it is possible for personalities which have left this earth to communicate with us.”

Many people speculate that this machine did in fact exist, but has somehow been lost over time. Could this machine been created by such a great inventor and lost over time…anything is possible I would suppose.

However in my opinion, as much as I would love to stumble across the only ghost machine to have been made by Edison I would bet it never made it from his mind into the real world. He was always thinking and creating things in his mind and while some may have been made, some were only written down and sadly to say only some were just thoughts.

Some people think that Edison would never think of creating such a machine yet I present two things to you for your consideration. The first being is that at this time of the world the Spiritualist movement was beginning to hit the Western world so why wouldn’t someone begin to think about communicating with the no longer living. And lets look at the next theory, the fact that when he made this statement he was ten years away from his death, he was a brilliant man who knew his time on earth was limited and maybe he wanted to have a way to still keep inventing even after he had past one into the afterlife.

Be safe and remember it was only a matter of time till he invented cable TV,

Jon Bolton