White Light Healing… Someone Call an Electrician.

You walk coolly into the Barnes and Nobles looking for that certain attention grabbing good read that you want to devote your time to. As you make your way past the small tables with books of the month and pass the bargain aisles you make your way back farther and farther. As you pass the True Crime and Science Fiction you happen to discover the New Age section. How fitting is it that this should be in the same area of True Crime and Science Fiction? I will admit this to you all before I get started, that I visit this section each and every time I go into a book store. I have been buying books from this section for years and been researching/studying everything I could, that was dedicated to this particular book section. I am absolutely fascinated by New Age Phenomena and books that are written about it.

While I was examining the spines of the books and what they were about, I found one called White Light Healing. Now I am not new to this concept, but I am however more of a skeptic now than I had previously been in the past. I talked to a number of “white light” healers and some have been intriguing and some have been down right scam artists. You see the topic of “white light healing” is very easily faked and easy to cover up just as well. Am I going to make some people angry with this little blog of mine, you’re damn right I am, but am I going to make some people put their skills to the test and prove I am wrong…I would hope so.

I thumbed through the book on “white light healing” and it was very confusing, read like stereo instructions in my honest opinion. So I decided to do some more research to get a better grasp on what they were trying to convince me. Now they talk about envisioning white light pouring over you or out of something and flowing freely like water in fact one quote is this, “…breathing in the pure white light, seeing it streaming down into your chest, and breathing out the grey…in with the white and pure…out with the grey, the old, and the worn…” This is some crazy tree hugging stuff right here my friend, in with the good air out with the bad, isn’t this from a CPR class or something?

Now if this is a form of meditation, which I think it is from what I have gathered, then why not just say it as that. Don’t say it’s “white light healing” when there is literally no white light involved or healing for that matter. If light was involved then we would be hanging Christmas lights or light bulbs over our heads, heck you could pull the ol’ eating a light bulb carney trick and replace that whole apple a day thing.

There doesn’t need to be some overly complicated series of instructions to teach people how to meditate and then call it some sort of “healing”. I could easily go up to someone who is full of anxiety and angst, say to them take a couple deep breaths and relax. Oh wait we all pretty much do that now, so why connect it with some sort of healing?

I can easily open up a store front, hang some awesome new age decorations and charge tons of cash for people to come to me and tell them to breath deep and relax thus resulting in them being healed. Of course if they go away and aren’t healed then I can easily say, “well you didn’t believe in mother earth and her Keebler elves of light healing so its your fault,” Yeah I can totally do that however I never would because I have way too much of a conscience, despite what people say, to do that. Yet there are people who are doing this, and I’m not talking about the people who do it because they believe in it, I’m talking about the people who are doing it because they are scams and cheats…and there are a lot of them.

In my travels around the world I have met many, many people who claim to have “white light healing” powers…superman had powers…you have a belief. Now I will admit I have met some people I would give a second though to in their abilities with stuff, but that’s like one out of a thousand people I meet in this realm. If people want to believe that this heals them then I am completely down with that, the placebo effect is a tried and true method to help many people overcome things. If you don’t know what that is then it is simply this, if you tell someone this red crystal like candy will heal them and if they believe it will work then it will work for them even though all it was is a simple watermelon jolly rancher.

Let’s call this “white light healing” what it really is…meditational deep breathing in order to help you relax and feel better. If you can prove to me rationally and scientifically that “white light healing” does in fact have some merit behind it then I am all ears and willing to retract what I have stated, but every time I make the challenge no one steps up to the plate, so I doubt anyone will at this point in time. As for taking classes to “perform”, and I say “perform” because it is a performance and not actually real, this ability for “white light healing” then I would love to see your course syllabus and explain to me how that scam works.

Be safe and we’ll leave the light on for ya,

Jon Bolton