Hype Vs. Haunt

What is Hype Vs. Haunt you may ask? After some internal debates we’ve decided to add 3 new tags/descriptions to our investigations; Hype, Haunt or Undetermined.

Hype: That the stories/legends associated with a certain place have been debunked and may be more marketing that is intentionally or unintentionally done by word of mouth, advertising, etc.

Haunt:  We’ve gotten enough evidence to conclude a place is “haunted”.   And by “haunted” we mean that we’ve gotten enough unusual video, audio, pictures to go back and investigate further into what is really there.

Undetermined:  Is somewhere in-between, when we do not have enough data collected to conclude if it’s either Haunt or Hype and there is conflicting evidence that is making clarification difficult.

This is a fluid designation, as it can change back and forth. This gives us the flexibility to hopefully truly and accurately label a place as it is.