What is Paranormal??

I thought I’d expand on the subject of what is Paranormal or more importantly my definition of it.  Simple definition of Paranormal is anything above the norm.  I think way too many people have attributed it in the last few years to just ghosts or spirits.  It can be anything from U.F.O’s, Ghosts, Psychic abilities to in general seeing something you have never seen before, and of course I think if anyone witnessed any of these that have never seen or perceived such things would agree that’s not normal!

I’ve tried in the last few years to broaden the horizons of Midnight Watchmen and how we represent the paranormal community as well as a “ghost hunting” groups that have popped up like weeds after a heavy rain.  We’ve started a long term Extra Sensory Perception (E.S.P.) Test, which we hope will yield some interesting results.  We’ve also expanded the number of members to not just help with investigations, but to bring a wealth of life experiences into the group and hopefully fuel a healthy debate on what we find. And finally & maybe most importantly our relationship with Late Night Horror Hotel with TV exposure we can expand out the message of saving some of the history that’s out there.  Many of the famous and amazingly historic haunted locations are in need of desperate help or may be lost forever….That’s a damn shame, and sadly is not paranormal…..