Paranormal 101 – Tools of the Trade

A lot of people ask: “What kind of equipment do you need to do an investigation?” The simple response is not much… There are all kinds of tools that can be used but here are the basics:

  • First aid kit – Safety always comes first.
  • Flashlight – Again safety comes first & how else are you going to see clearly in the dark if you do a lights out investigation or an outside night one? Tip: A Red lens doesn’t blind or overpower night vision on cameras.
  • Camera – To take photos or video of the area and catch (hopefully) a paranormal event.  I don’t think it matters personally whether its digital or film camera, while digital offers instant viewing of photos, it also because of the angle of the flash causes  “orbs/moisture/dust” to show up in pictures.
  • Audio Recorder – Helps to record the investigations events, notes, and E.V.P. sessions simply.
  • Batteries – Extra batteries for your flashlight, recorder and camera are extremely important! You wouldn’t want to miss a picture or a piece of audio because you ran out of batteries or get hurt with a non working flashlight!

Those are all you really need to do an investigation.  As for these next items they will require a little more working knowledge of what they’re designed for and how they fit into the world of paranormal investigation.

  • EMF Meter (Electro Magnetic Field Meter) – Detects the field from wiring, appliances, electrical stuff, etc.  How it applies to the paranormal:  Spirits or ghosts supposedly generate an EMF field when they appear or move something. Also useful in determining if improper wiring is causing high EMF Fields which can cause someone to have among other things paranoia, nausea, headaches, feelings of being watched, and hallucinations.
  • K2 Meter – Similar to an EMF Meter, but with lights.  It’s a safe range meter designed for telling someone what the “Safe” distance is from an EMF source.  How it applies to the paranormal:  In theory spirits can use the device to communicate. Or we can “track” them like with an EMF Meter.  One huge downfall of a K2 vs. an EMF Meter is that the K2 will pick up on RF frequencies, like from a cell phone or walkie talkie.
  • Thermometer – Used to detect cold spots that spirits allegedly produce as they try to manifest (show themselves), fairly straight forward design of most point and click digital ones.  Only downfalls is if one isn’t paying attention to where they are pointing at and register a cold spot that’s really a window or another normally colder part of the room/house.

That covers the basics and some of the advanced equipment that I’ve used on cases. Just remember like anything else anyone can use or buy these, but only those willing to explore and respect the limits of the equipment will get the best results.  Field testing always works, but until you understand what and how a piece of equipment reacts in any given environment, keep an open mind about the results or be doomed by them.

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