Paranormal 101: Myth Vs. Reality

I’d like to take a few moments to touch on the myths and realities of a paranormal investigation.  As the paranormal reality shows have shown their massive fan base over the last few years, review from any given case is easily reviewed, Evidence appears on every case they do, etc.  Let’s start here with a few bullet points:

Myth:  Review takes little time to do.
Fact:  Review that is done in real time takes patience & diligence to finish.  If you’re at a place investigating for 6 hours, have 2 video cameras and 3 audio recorders equals 36 hours of real time review. That’s a full time job!

Myth: Every case yields results (E.V.P.’s, Unusual Video Footage, personal experiences, knocks, etc.)
Fact: Not every case yields results, some cases are quite boring and uneventful.

Myth: Ghosts respond on demand to questions…. Immediately!
Fact: Spirits that have free will, can choose to respond when they want and to whom they, not when we as investigators want! And of course if its a residual haunting, they won’t respond at all!

Myth:  Every case/investigation has a personal experience.
Fact: Again, some cases are quite boring and uneventful.

Myth:  Orbs are ghosts/spirits/energy.
Fact: Highly debatable subject to some, yet truth is its been proven time and time again, that Orbs are just dust/moisture in the air.

Myth:  Activity only happens at night.
Fact: Activity can happen at any time of day or night.

Myth:  You can only ghost hunt at night.
Fact: A hunt can go on at anytime, since can activity can happen whenever. Though it is more thrill seeking to do it in the dark.

Myth:  Every Paranormal Group is out to help you.
Fact: While most are here to help, learn more about the world around us and educate. A few are only in it for monetary or ego reasons.

Myth: Ghost hunting is scary.
Fact: While at times it has its heart racing moments, I’d estimate 95% of the time is calm and uneventful.

Myth: Just because one has a TV Show means they know everything about Paranormal!
Fact: Some people tend to believe anything they see on TV.

Don’t worry I’m sure I’ll have the need after hearing or reading something stupid online for a part 2.