Looking Forward, Looking Back

Time_HorizonsThe goal of the Midnight Watchmen is simply put – knowledge, help and education.  To these goals we’ve added some new members and guests, which I hope will allow us to move forward on my vision for the group. What that means is more experiments on EMF, audio, and video are coming.  As well I’m working on starting an open house in Bucks County, Pennsylvania for people to sit and talk about the paranormal monthly.  Ask us questions, come for help if needed.  I want us to be community involved as much as possible.

Our first case was at Jennie Wade House in Gettysburg, PA. Something I will never forget. A year later in Gettysburg a friend who I met for the first time that night said to me “Enjoy the ride…” About the world of paranormal she’s been part of and welcoming me to this new world with eyes open.  And while the review can be tedious and boring, when you find a piece of audio or video evidence that blows you away… It is the greatest joy in the world and validation of what we do.  I personally love the reactions from people who see and hear the stuff we found.  Jaws drop, eyes widen, and I see the fear/excitement in their stance, keep in mind that’s just us in the group!

The world in which we live is not always as it seems.   Just like a neighbor hides secrets, the world around us hides theirs only to show to a select few now and again… Some run away from it screaming others walk towards it with wonder and wanting to see more.  We here at Midnight Watchmen I’d like to think are the ones walking towards these secrets saying “show me more! I want to share them with others!”  All of us in the group have had experiences that are paranormal in nature or above the norm.  Some of us have seen a ghost, U.F.O., or something else strange and wonderful enough for them to go I want to see/learn more.

I do not know where this year will take us, nor do I know what’s next… But I know one thing. We’ve missed a few opportunities, lost a few members.  Taken advantage of few surprise cases and we’ve faced the unknown and pierced the veil of darkness that covers it. Sure that last part was a little theatrical, but while I take what we do seriously I want to have fun still. We don’t make money of this, probably never will… after all I’m too busy enjoying the ride….

Won’t you join us??


John C. Fowler