Spirits Have Split Personalities?

Can Spirits Have Split Personalities??
Can Spirits Have Split Personalities??

Can spirits have split personalities? Split personality is a disorder that is defined by or characterized by the presence of two or more distinct and complex identities or personality states each of which becomes dominant and controls behavior from time to time to the exclusion of the others and results from disruption in the integrated functions of consciousness, memory, and identity – called also multiple personality dissociate identity disorder. That is the dictionary definition and is quite long winded.. Psychologists will tell you that the human mind is so complex and has so much unexplored potential. Its believed that somewhere in your life caused by trauma, abuse (physical, sexual or mental), parts of your personality is repressed and manifests itself into split personalities.

 What is your mind though? A body part, like your fingernail or your heart? What about that voice in your head, the part of you that thinks, that feels? Interesting question isn’t it? To me that voice in your head is your soul. And as such its definable as you. What if that part of you is split, broken or separated? You’d have a split personality not of the mind, but soul…

 While on a case in Gettysburg, PA at the Orphanage, our tour guide Chris mentioned a few of the employees believed that a spirit named Rosa has split personalities and boy do they cover the spectrum! Old, young, Sinful, Christian, etc. We had an interesting encounter with Rosa, and afterwards the whole environment changed. It went from an oppressing feeling in the basement to a peaceful calm. And boy did our EMF meters show some activity. Quite an interesting night.

 Up to this point I had never honestly up to that point thought of the question of can spirits have split personalities. As the thoughts whirled through my mind, I realized the challenge this can cause on a case. Really, you’d have evidence pointing to two or more entity’s at a location maybe even have names, but no history attached to them. And almost no way of knowing they are really one being…

 Talk about a needle in the haystack! My view is that if your soul/voice in your head can house more than one personality, then easily one could imagine that a spirit afflicted with this condition could exist. My bigger question is what happens when one and not the other personality “crosses over”? What happens next? Does one personality become dormant? Is it merged or waiting to be merged with the other(s)? Lots of questions which of course is what we are here to find out.

 This field allows for so many different views and opinions on the subjects of the paranormal. I welcome people to email me with their ideas, thoughts, and criticism if one would so desire. Hopefully this little article helped some people broaden their thought process.


John C. Fowler