Invasion Of The Giant Monsters

When you think of Giant Monsters what is the first thought that comes to you mind, don’t think about it too hard. Just go with you first thought/picture that pops into your head, and am betting that the image looked something like this: (see picture on right).
Bolton 1-1-2008_clip_image002_0000
Am I right? More than likely I am, but if you have lived under a rock most of your life, the creature featured above is the infamous Godzilla of Japanese fame. Created from radiation due to nuclear and atomic bomb testing conducted after World War 2 in the effort of being able to compete with the American’s and their weapons program.

If you really think about it, this was the first example of why we need to be eco friendly and stop such destructive natures of nuclear and atomic weaponry. Can you imagine having this giant lizard being a part of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or Greenpeace. This sucker could easily take out a whaling ship without batting an eye.

Now I talk about the gigantic lizard like mascot in jest, but if you think about the history of this planet we call earth; there have been many stories of giant monsters walking the earth. Look at the aspect of dragons and even more lifelike…dinosaurs. These suckers were huge and if you believe the stories that the Amazon tribesmen tell to this very day, there are still dinosaurs that exists in the deepest reaches of the Amazon rain forest which are too thick for man to go into. Also there are the stories of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland, Bigfoot in America, Europe & Canada, as well as the American version of the Loch Ness Monster, Champ who lives in Lake Champlain.

While these monsters are up for debate as to whether or not the truly exist it is very interesting that there have been more and more reports of giant monsters being spotted in the world. Again it’s also funny that Japan seems to be a hotbed of giant monsters. While these giants have been seen in various places of the world, it seems Japan is the mecca like magnet for such creatures. Here are some pictures of such giants found as recently as a couple of months ago:

Bolton 1-1-2008_clip_image003 Bolton 1-1-2008_clip_image005 Bolton 1-1-2008_clip_image010
Giant Octopus Giant Hornet Giant Manaray
Bolton 1-1-2008_clip_image009 Bolton 1-1-2008_clip_image002_0001 Bolton 1-1-2008_clip_image007
Giant Grab Giant Frog Giant Stingray
Bolton 1-1-2008_clip_image006 Bolton 1-1-2008_clip_image008 Bolton 1-1-2008_clip_image004_0000
Giant Squid Giant Jellyfish Giant Salamander

So looking at these Giant Monsters what would you think? I know I am not sure what to think as these things completely baffle me and where they might have come from. Now I know that in the genetic nature of life there are always going to be some sort of anomalies and genetic mutations that result in gigantism. However, if you look and research at bit for yourself you will see that these giants are becoming more and more common in everyday life. It sort of makes you wonder why and more importantly how? Is this a product of evolutionary mutation, is it because of the phantom like global warming sensationalized by Al “I’m an Idiot” Gore, and before you send me hate mail on my comments on global warming I will go into that myth at a later date, doubtful, but again who knows.

I leave it up to you to ponder why these giant creatures have begun to rise up more and more in the culture and existence of our lives. However if I see Godzilla walking into my town, I think I’m just gonna bend over and kiss it goodbye.

Be Safe and Think About It

Be safe,
Jon Bolton