The Spirits of Japan

When you think about Japanese Ghosts/Spirits you tend to get the imagery of the Ring or The Grudge. Freaky strange looks characters looking waterlogged with a very white and dark imagery both very characteristic in Japanese culture and design. Along with the inception and popularity of Ghost Hunting groups and researchers Japan has been a hot spot of activity in the recent years. There has always been activity in Japan and has even been hunted and researched, but with the popularity on TV and in books of ghosts/spirits it has now emerged more into the public eye and
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become more acceptable. I would like to talk about a certain theory I have based around the aspect of World War 2 and the style in which these spirits appear and why they could possibly have been appearing more so since the end of the war. The atom bomb that was dropped onto Hiroshima towards the end of the war in 1945 pretty much decimated the entire city. Also, something some people don’t know is that another bomb was dropped in Nagasaki. So now you have two of the biggest and most destructive weapons in the history of mankind not being tested, but rather being used on human life in the aspect of ending a bloody and powerful war. These bombs expelled around 21 kilotons of energy and produced 7,000 degrees fahrenheit of heat instantly, with such an instant production of heat and energy (mainly radiation) the damage to property and human life was extensive. One example of what this type of energy could do was to burn the shadows of people into concrete and wood. Just think about that and the aspect of how much power it took to burn a human shadow into building material like a camera taking a picture onto a film negative. Here is my theory after looking at the facts of everything in what these two bombs did is that in fact it not only mutated the living, but it mutated the dead as well. With such a high level of radiation (energy) released it had to do something to offset the balance of natural energy within Japan. If it can burn shadows into concrete more than likely burnt off people’s aura as well as well as changing the spiritual energy within Japan to an uncomfortable level. In the basis that people are made up of energy, if you disrupt the energy in such a drastic manner you are bound to get some type of a mutation and since the spiritual world works off energy as world I feel it would be safe to assume that it had to warp something in that realm as well.

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Looking at some of the pictures of the people from Japan who suffered from the radiation released they all tend to look a bit like the characters portrayed with the movies like The Ring or The Grudge. Is this coincidence or actually what people are seeing in the world of the supernatural?
I could go into a long drawn out scientific debate about this, but I am just asking you to draw your own conclusion and look at the similarities of what the destruction did and what is portrayed within the supernatural of Japan. I could go into the whole aspect of the Japanese belief in other spirits and what not, but I will save that for a later date and time. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope this at least made you think a little bit.

Jon Bolton