My Reflection on the Great Orb Debate!

Photo taken at Jennie Wade House Museum in November 2007
Photo taken at Jennie Wade House Museum in November 2007

Orbs. Its a simple word, but in the paranormal community its a hot bed for debates on it. Are orbs spirits? Energy? Water particles reflecting light in the air? Dust? Something else we don’t even know about yet? It’s amazing how a simple word can create such a flurry of conflicting ideas and opinions. I’m not going debate too much, just state how i see things. Hey if you think I’m wrong challenge me. I’ll listen, that’s what we are about here, Knowledge and sharing that knowledge. Let me start with a few facts as I see them: in the early 1990’s digital cameras hit the market. Soon afterward orbs started showing up in some pictures taken. Strange, for all the years that film cameras ruled the market, how many had orbs in them? Strange things? Well yes, but that can be common to any camera digital or film. Look at some examples of non paranormal images & videos (here) produced form digital camera pictures and video we’ve taken personally. My biggest problem with calling orbs spirits or energy is unless you see them with your naked eye and then take a picture it’s a common occurrence with digital cameras. For example slight movement as the camera processes the image causes light sources to move. The only way I’d except an orb as something special is If multiple people see it floating around and someone takes a picture and they capture it, well that’s solid evidence. As for calling orbs paranormal… I agree. Here’s why the definition of paranormal: “Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.” Well I’d think we’d agree that whether they’re dust, water, spirits, energy or something else falls under that category is paranormal… At least until the day comes we all agree on what an orb is…


John C. Fowler