A Few Things to Get Started

The unknown. It is more then not known. Something unexplained is always out there. People have the tendency to say anything out of there experience is unknown. We here at Midnight Watchmen have to decided to make the unknown known or at least attempt to. There are many things unknown/unexplained to us all. Those include: religion or belief systems, ghosts, angels, spontaneous human combustion (SHC), Loch Ness monster, and many other thing fit quite easily into these categories. Even Urban Legends have their place in history as well as paranormal research. In my first article I’d like to briefly touch on as many subjects as I can. In further articles I will discuss in even more depth each specific subject. Each subject has its own life, if you will. Every topic has its pros/cons, but I will try to be as impartial as I can be with each topic discussed.

Virgin_MaryNow on to the first topic: Angels, more specifically the Virgin Mary sightings throughout modern history. The earliest recorded sighting, in modern times, of the Virgin Mary was at La Salette (near the French Alps) in 1846. Numerous other sightings have happened over the years, in various places all over the world, but only one was deemed “real”. Real in this case being the only sighting declared authentic by the Roman Catholic Church (Side note: The Roman Catholic Church is known for debunking any sighting of spiritual events or ignoring them, thus the importance of this sighting). At Fatima, Portugal on May 13, 1917. On this date three shepherd children saw a amazing apparition with brilliant white light surrounding her. It would appear on the 13th day of each month for six months. The children communicated with the lady each, expect one August 13. They where detained by secular officials. On October 13 an estimated 70,000 people witnessed the lady who identified herself as “the lady of the Rosary.” She went on to predict the end of the WWI and gave the children three “visions”. She then lifted her hands to the sky and the sun danced or pulsated. That’s the story. Here’s my take. With over 70,00 witnesses its hard to discredit this story, but what was the light that they saw? Was it really the blessed Virgin Mary or a form of ball lightning? Maybe an Unidentified Flying Object? Truth is modern science cannot explain a dancing sun and well neither can I. Apparently neither could the Catholic Church. I believe something did happen that day. What it was though… Only God knows.

Urban Legends. Those two words more then likely bring to mind a few stories you may have heard or told to friends, family, etc. Maybe it was the one about the picking up a hitch hiker wearing a soaked prom dress on a lonely road and she disappears before the trip is over leaving just a wet seat in her wake. Or maybe its the one of the old deserted haunted mansion on the hill. Could even be a place like Ghost Mountain… an area with a few odd things all grouped together to form a “super haunted” area. Then again it could be just myths that have gone through whisper down the lane treatment and no longer resemble the original story. Our primary goal at Midnight Watchmen is to investigate paranormal claims, educated people, and bring peace of mind to those in need. Sometimes myths and legends form the basis of ghost stories. But of course, some myths and legends are true. Something we try to prove or disprove every investigation.

Ghosts the things that sometimes go bump in the night. We have heard ghost stories by people who claim it happened to a “friend of mine”, but how many people out there actually see something they can’t explain? Simple truth is quite more then you would think. Take the book “I Never Believed In Ghosts Until….” as an example. This book is a collection stories submitted by the readers of USA Weekend, a national newspaper. Its all “true” stories, at least that’s how its presented, but with out research into them who can say what is true or not? Personally I’ve seen a ghost. No doubts. No second guessing. I know what I saw. Hell that’s what made me with the help of some friends start this site. I’m getting away from the subject, but basically with ghosts time is never a question. For they have all the time they want/don’t want or need. Ghosts can appear in human shapes, but they also can be seen in their actions. As seen in poltergeist activity (stuff being moved or objects that go missing and are found months or days later in the last spot they were seen). There are generally two types of ghosts 1. Those that continue to roam around because they don’t know they are dead (Intelligent) and 2. Those that seem to be reenacting a specific event in time, played back over and over again like a broken record (Residual).

Well that’s all for this time. I hope to get more specific in following articles. Any questions or comments lets us know. Life is a strange thing. Not everything fits into a perfect category or into our beliefs. But an open mind in like a parachute, it functions best when open.


John C. Fowler