JFK: The Smoking Gun

JFK: The Smoking Gun

I usually don’t post conspiracy theories on watchmen site, but after watching the documentary JFK The Smoking Gun, its really made me think more about the assassination and what really happened that day in Dallas.  Over the years many theories have been floated, from lone gunman, ice bullet, second shooter, grassy knoll, to Castro’s involvement, or whatever….

As the documentary states the only agreed upon facts is that Kennedy was Shot, Oswald was captured, and Jack Ruby killed Oswald. Beyond that lots of conjecture and conflicting facts even from the warren commissions interviewees themselves.

This documentary still uses the second shooter theory- this time a Secret Service agent, the accidental shot, and the cover up that followed. So was it Oswald? Or another? Decide for yourself and check out this documentary. I think its worth it… I will be looking more into “facts” here for a later article. Below is the trailer for the documentary.