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The sudden, or maybe it gradual depending on your point of view, emergence of these paranormal reality shows has given me a reason to think long and hard about the paranormal community and what a TV show brings a group. Sure it brings money, some level of fame and the unrealistic expectations that they produce evidence week by week, but as any network executive will tell you any show that no one watches will not be on TV that long…

As anyone who’s been in the paranormal community can tell you not every case or investigation yields an E.V.P. or a jaw dropping video. Sometimes its hours upon hours of investigation and maybe a few interesting debunking of the stories being investigated, but nothing that most people care about.  That’s just the way it works we can’t all hit home runs every time out, hell a baseball player that’s a great hitter may only get a hit 33% (.333 batting average for those not so enlightened to baseball) of the time he steps up the plate…

So why a paranormal group is held to such a standard that over half the cases yield multiple results I cannot say for sure, on TV that’s call entertainment, but its labeled reality TV… so if it is a reality show either these groups are somehow above the average or film a lot more than they ever show…. I often wonder if they do investigations that never make it to the air…. Or they use them later as filler.

Where is the accountability for all this? Do some of these groups on TV fake evidence? is a great source for showing how easily things can be faked.  That doesn’t mean though that every show on TV has faked/fabricated evidence, but one does wonder.  And please don’t think this a bash on any one group or show.   No matter how they got to the point where they got a TV show they worked hard.  I will not directly knock anyone, I never will its respect and accountability on my actions. Do I have a few shows of paranormal nature I hate? God yes!  But I will not name them directly its professional curtsy.

In closing I realize that accountability is an internal struggle with what you know is right and what you think is right. And of course others perceive things differently then I may see it. I want to be open and honest as much as possible in our endeavors that includes when we mess up. And we did not long ago when a note taking mistake which caused a video to be put up on our YouTube account early before further review that it was discovered not to be paranormal.  I screwed up the note taker screwed up.   Hell we all screwed up… the video was taken down…  I have no problem admitting a mistake and then correcting it.

Honesty needs to start from day one whether or not it’s with a client or whatever you want to refer to the person/people/group asking you to investigate a place or just a case that’s on public property you may be working on.  Mistakes will happen and we will face up them, not hide or keep it a secret. We’re only human. I know every case can’t be a gold mine. I wish they were. I’ve had cases that were boring me to death and others that I enjoyed every moment of.  Every group is accountable for their actions or their lack of action. I’ve always said if you think we did something wrong challenge us on it… I’m up for a healthy debate and if you’re right it’ll force a positive change…  Nothing is constant in this world… Not life or death…

Change is the only constant, except from a vending machine…..


John C. Fowler

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